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BK's Tools To Help Kill Viruses & Spyware

                                                        Do You Need Help?

Here at BK's Computing we have noticed an alarming rate of infections on both PC's and Mac's with a FAKE virus scan and with
FAKE detection of viruses.  You may also see a FBI, NSA, CIA, Interpol & ICE Screens
DO NOT CLICK YES, NO, or the X in the top corner.
MAC people "Yes" you..you are also able to be infected.
If you have a PC follow these steps to stop the process.
The only way to close this safely is by pushing your Ctrl, Alt, Del buttons and end the task. You can also open your Task Manager by right clicking Taskbar then left click the Task Manager. Sometime these FAKE antivirus programs will prevent you from opening Task Manager and/or install a cleanup tool.
If you have a MAC follow these steps to stop the process.
Open Applications then Utilities, Activity Monitor then highlight the offending process and Click Quit.

These are all fake DO NOT pay or send anything to them!

Here are a few tools that might help out.

ATF Cleaner: This is used to clean your cookies, temp files and history for all users.

Highjack This!: This is put out by Trend Micro, I am not a fan of their antivirus but this program works well. If you run this and are not sure what to remove...DON'T.

Bitdefender Uninstall Tool: If you are having trouble uninstalling Bitdefender use this tool.

(Make sure you remove any all other antivirus & spyware software before installing Bitdefender)

We hope this helps you out, and prevents a visit to the doctors office
@ BK’s Computing

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